August 2010



August 2010

Economic Development Association of BC Newsletter


I am pleased to provide you with a copy of our August "The Pulse" Newsletter.  You are encouraged to share this newsletter with anyone that you think would benefit from the information.  Some of the items are linked to the members only section and we hope with your help this will result in an increase of membership to EDABC.  Following the launch of the newsletter last month we signed up 29 new members bringing total membership to 232.  We continue to send out membership E-Blasts which will include RFP's, Job Postings, and other time sensitive materials available only to members. 
All of us here at EDABC hope you are having a great summer.

EDABC President and CEO meet with Minister Black 

President Kevin Poole and CEO Dale Wheeldon met in early July with the Hon. Iain Black, BC Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development.  The topics of discussion in the meeting that lasted longer than planned included enhancing the partnership between EDABC and the Ministry, the role of the EDO and an update on EDABC/Linx BC activities.  In order to support the efforts of our members, EDABC is looking to secure ongoing support for our activities.  We also touched on issue around sharing of investment leads, rural rail services, and more.  Discussions continue on a number of these topics and we hope to hear more soon.  EDABC members shared a number of topics that they would like us to bring up at the meeting.  Unfortunately with the limited amount of time available not all topics were raised but we will keep them on the list for further dialogue and will also be sending some of them to the Ministers staff for follow-up. 

New Terasen Gas Contact Centre create 100 Jobs in Prince George

On July 8, Terasen Gas unveiled plans to renovate a building in Prince George's Downtown Core that will be the future home of one of two B.C.-based customer contact centres.
"Our focus is on our customer in all that we do, and this new approach to customer care will enhance the delivery of customer service and will enable the company to meet the growing needs of our customers," said John Walker, President and CEO of Terasen Gas and FortisBC.
"We're thrilled to begin work on this new facility and to build on our relationship with the community of Prince George."
On July 21, Terasen announced that construction contracts for approximately $4-million in renovations and upgrades at the new customer contact centre were awarded to 3 Prince George companies.  The renovation work is expected to begin late July and take four months to complete. Renovations to the Prince George call centre will include substantial upgrades to the building envelope and mechanical systems, and the replacement of the building's electrical systems - a reflection of Terasen's role as a leading energy solutions provider.
Tim McEwan, President and CEO of Initiatives Prince George, said "we appreciate the 100 plus jobs that this investment will bring to Prince George, and for the downtown renewal the renovated building will catalyze and shape. We are also delighted that Prince George firms have been chosen by Terasen to undertake the renovations to the facility."
Recruitment and hiring of a local workforce will commence in June 2011, with the new centres and services expected to be in place by January 2012.
Linx BC, in December, sent a letter to Terasen Gas and the BC Utilities commission supporting the establishment of a contact centre in Prince George.  Prince George was a founding member of the Linx BC initiative.  

Quesnel Community Energy System the first of its kind in North America
QUESNEL, B.C. -The City of Quesnel and Terasen Gas have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to conduct final feasibility work on a unique renewable energy system in Quesnel in cooperation with West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. and BC Hydro. The LOI represents an agreement in principle to implement a combined heat and power system that will serve as both an energy source and economic benefit for its partners and the communities they serve. 
Read about the great work of this Linx BC member - the Quesnel Economic Development Society - by clicking here.

High-Level Transportation and Logistics Chinese Delegation Visits Prince George and Prince Rupert 
A delegation of 20 individuals from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing were in Prince George to learn about logistics facilities and infrastructure in the Northern Pacific trade gateway and corridor linking Asia Pacific and North America. This knowledge will strengthen and expand relations with China's transportation and logistics industry furthering investment, trade and education opportunities. 

New Wind Project Approved - Tumbler RidgeQuality Wind Project

The proposed $455-million project consists of the development of a 142-megawatt wind energy facility that would include 79 wind turbine generators, one substation, a 22-kilometre transmission line, access and maintenance roads, and other associated infrastructure. It is to be located approximately 10 kilometres northeast of Tumbler Ridge. 


Some Common mistakes in Economic Development (are you making them?)
In my twenty years of Economic Development I have seen (and even made) several mistakes that directly impacts the success of our efforts.  Recently I saw an article by DCI International that made me think about some of those mistakes and how we can all learn from them.  While it is great to learn from best practices some of the best lessons I too have learned over the years from our flops, failures, oops and boo-boos.  Here are some:
Oops#1: Promise lots of jobs.
Oops#2: Go it alone.
Oops #3: Develop a wonderful stand-alone marketing program.
Oops #4: Bring in Superman
Oops #5: Pay no attention to retention
Oops #6: Waiting for the phone to ring.
Dale Wheeldon

The EU-Canada Trade and
Investment Relationship

The EU is Canada's second largest trading partner after the USA, representing 8.3% of total exports and 12.4% of total imports. Concerning services, the EU is again Canada's second largest trading partner after the USA, representing 19.1% of Canadian service exports and 17.2% of Canadian service imports.
Concerning investment, the EU is similarly Canada's second largest source of investment after the USA, representing about 29.8% of Canada's inward foreign direct investment.
In 2009, Canada was the EU's 11th largest trading partner and 11th largest export market, representing about 2.0% of the EU's external trade. Canada also represented 2.2% of the EU's external services trade, as well as the source of about 4.3% of the EU's inward foreign direct investment. Canada is the EU's fourth largest investor.
It should be underlined that the service and investment sectors have, in recent years, been expanding rapidly; more so than trade in goods. This is the case for both Canada and the EU.

Strategic Thought and the Economic DeveloperStrategic Thought and the Economic Developer

It has long been reflected in the literature that strategy development should be a primary focus of those at the highest levels of leadership in any organization. Conceptually, the President and CEO should thus devote a greater proportion of time to strategy development than should the Vice Presidents, line supervisors, and other employees.
The question for this research is whether that was, in fact, the case amongst economic development professionals. Do the more senior economic development professionals in an organization spend more of their time strategizing than do others? Do they consider the time they spend thinking strategically to be sufficient, or would they prefer to have more time to devote to strategic thought? How do economic development professionals spend their time and are there any discernable differences in the patterns that can be traced to the types or sizes of the economic development programs in localities?
The process of strategy development is comprised of two vital components. Strategic planning, as a process, has become just that- a process. It has evolved in most contexts to be an annual or bi-annual event which is surrounded by flurries of preparation and follow-up. The greatest value is in the thought process: before, during, and throughout the year after the actual planning meetings. 

Primer on Globalization - for EDO's

The International Economic Development Council has prepared this primer on globalization for economic developers, shaped under the guidance of its Economic Development Research Partners Program, as the first step in the construction of a road map that will help economic developers navigate this globalizing world.
Download this document from our resource library

Issue: 2-2010

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EDABC Meeting with Minister Black
New Terasen Gas Contact Centre
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Common Mistakes in Economic Development
Strategic Thought and the Economic Developer
Primer on Globalization
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Tota Logo
The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) is a vibrant organization working proactively with communities, economic development professionals, local businesses and more than 3,200 tourism stakeholders to ensure the growth and sustainability of the region's tourism industry and economy.
Over the past year TOTA has revitalized itself, adding high-powered new staff and programs to pursue a world-class tourism management strategy that focuses on community and industry development.  TOTA emphasizes partnerships with stakeholders throughout the region, drawing on a foundation of robust research and close linkages with communities and top industry programs.   
Read more on TOTA an important partner of EDABC by clicking here.

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Westin Bayshore - Support for EDABC and its Members
Westin Bayshore
The Westin Bayshore in Vancouver has long been a great supporter of EDABC.  Now they have taken it a step further.  We have entered into an agreement with the Westin Bayshore where they will provide you with Exclusive rates as an EDABC Member.  The rate for the high season starts at $149 and the low season starts at $129.  This is comparable to government rates.  But that is not all!!  For every night booked and completed the Westin Bayshore will pay EDABC $10.00 towards assisting in providing Professional Development.  You must ask for the 'Economic Development Association of BC" rate when booking.  Booking Procedures:
Hotel Direct: 604-682-3377
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