September 2011

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September 2011

We are pleased to provide you with our latest Newsletter.  If you have items that you would like to add please send them to us and we will do our best to add them. 

On Thursday, September 8th, the EDABC Executive and other EDO's met with the Hon. Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.  This meeting, called at the request of the Minister, was to allow us to see advance details of the upcoming Jobs and Economic Development Strategy for the Province of BC.  We were able to provide some constructive feedback and again emphasize how important it is for the Ministry to include EDABC and communities in implementing the various components.  We were encouraged by what we saw and look forward to sharing with you the announcement of the strategy over the next few weeks and in working with the Ministry as we move forward.


I would like to take a moment to congratulate and thank a few communities (see quote below) for attracting our newest member by doing a great job and showing the value that EDO's provide.  We would like to welcome Denis Brown of Govan Brown Szeto Construction Managers Inc. to our growing list of members.  This is what Denis informed us when he joined.  "Over the past few months I have been in touch with a number of EDABC members who are associated with the cities such as Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna and Mission,and have found them extremely helpful in providing me information for my Clients whom I am typically looking for property or building acquisitions to locate their businesses."

In the next 6 weeks we will be sending out Membership renewals.  We hope that we can count on you to renew and to be part of what is the fastest growing economic development association in North America. 

While you are at it, mark your calendar for the 2013 conference which is tentatively set for June 2-5th, 2013.


Dale Wheeldon, CEO
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Cluster Targeting
Leadership in Economic Development
2011-2015 BC Economic Forecast
Campbell River - New EDO
Super Save - An important partner of EDABC and Communities
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Cluster Targeting: A Method for Educating and Engaging Stakeholder Volunteers   
How do you equip volunteers with the tools and knowledge to play a meaningful role in economic development planning? Here's one way - a cluster targeting process based on the models that corporate executive use in their own business planning. Part 1 of 2.

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Leadership in Economic Development: A Look at Servant Leadership  

Economic development leaders are true change agents for their communities. Therefore, the dividends of their leadership in terms of impact on those they serve are untold and often cumulative in nature. This article is the first in a series that will focus on the application of leadership principles in the practice of economic development. How do we respond to the call for dynamic and adaptive leadership given the ever-evolving economic, social, environmental and political considerations affecting our communities and organizations? This series aims to contribute to the conversation.


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Central 1 - 2011-2015 BC Economic Forecast



· Moderate growth in 2011 and 2012 for B.C.'s economy at 2.4% and 2.8%, respectively.

· B.C. economy grows at a faster pace after 2012, partly due to tax system change but also to due higher U.S. economic growth lifting B.C. exports.

· Reverting to the PST/GST tax system alters the spending profile in residential and machinery equipment spending in B.C.

· Construction industry growth will lead domestic-oriented industries.

· Job growth will be moderate and unemployment slow to decline until after 2013.


 View the full report here.  

Campbell River eyes bright future despite downturn - New EDO 

'Salmon Capital of the World' sees tourism, value-added forestry, new power projects, aquaculture, even new media as key factors moving ahead.  Vic Goodman, who last month took over as chief executive officer for the Campbell River Economic Development Corporation, knows his work is cut out for him but appears ready to take on the challenge.


View the full Vancouver Sun story by clicking here

Super Save - An Important Partner of EDABC and Communities

Super Save 

The Super Save Group of Companies prides itself on efficient service. Their goal is to ensure that customers' needs and expectations are consistently exceeded. They set high service standards for all divisions and  take pride in offering top-quality, well-maintained products.


The Super Save Group effectively meets the various needs and expectations of a diverse range of customers. This includes fence rentals, waste disposal and propane services to most major construction companies and large retail chains, as well as thousands of small business and residential customers.


The Super Save Group of companies has played an active role in the communities they serve since 1977. They are 100% Canadian owned and operated, and utilize almost all Canadian made equipment.  Super Save has a strong tradition of supporting many charities and community organizations within the communities we serve.


We encourage you to visit the Super Save website and contact them if you could use any of the services they provide.  Super Save is a partner of EDABC and was very helpful during our 2011 Conference in Langley, BC. 


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EDABC is a proud partner with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation in promoting businesses to register with the BC Business Network.
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