Benefits Program

For more information or to register for any of these Benefit Programs, call ICBA at 1-888-298-7752 and identify yourself as a BCEDA member or email:


BCEDA Benefit Plans
  • Fully customizable benefit plans for 3 employees or up
  • Owner Operator plans, designed for 1 or 2 people
  • Fully pooled packaged plans
  • Local superior service and administration
  • Two levels of coverage gives you the flexibility to provide employees with a plan that matches their role within your company.
Life Insurance $15,000 $25,000
Accidental Death $15,000 $25,000


Dependent Life Insurance
For spouses $2,000 $10,000
Each child $1,000 $5,000


Extended Health Care
For employees and dependents $50 deductible No deductible
Hospital 70% 80%
Emergency travel 100% 100%
Prescriptions 70% 80%
Other expenses 70% 80%
Overall maximum Unlimited Unlimited


Dental Care
Basic services 70% of fee guide 80% of fee guide
Max/person per calendar year $1,000 $2,000
Long-term Disability N/A $1,000/month 
85% at source max

* Must have 3 employees to participate (owner counts as 1 employee)
* Customized packages available for businesses with less than 3 employees

BCEDA Retirement Plans
  For Owners

Individual Pension Plans (IPP)

An IPP tax solution allows for thousands of tax-deferred income dollars (from an incorporated business) to be invested into an IPP structure, allowing the owner non-taxable interest, compounding until retirement. All IPP payments are a tax deduction for the sponsoring company and roll tax- free into the IPP.


  • Assets move from business to owner on tax-deductible basis, which protects assets from creditors
  • Owner receives non-taxable interest
  • All costs associated with IPP are tax deductible to the sponsoring company
  For Employees
  Retirement Plans

  • Time saving, state-of-the-art administration tools
  • No fees to the employer
  • Immediate tax benefits
  • Quick and efficient set up process
  • Competitive investment management fees
  • Expert monitoring of investments


Liability Insurance

  • Broad policy wording
  • Competitive prices
  • "Add-on" coverage and deductible options