Information on the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation from Natural Resources Canada

Industrial manufacturers in your region should care about energy management.  Why? 

It’s good for business and good for the environment. 

When you reduce your energy use, you cut costs, save money and promote good environmental practices. 

While the concept sounds simple, putting it into practice with effective energy management can seem confusing and time consuming.   However, if implemented properly, energy management can unleash opportunities beyond direct cost savings, including increased productivity, competitiveness, employee engagement and new business opportunities.

The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation ( from Natural Resources Canada helps companies searching for innovative ways to cut costs and increase their competitiveness, as well as being recognized as an industry leader.  Companies can register as a CIPEC Leader, free of charge.  As an economic development officer, you can encourage manufacturers in your region to join this select group of companies that are making energy efficiency a priority. Not only will the company’s bottom line benefit, they will also contribute to a healthier environment and lend support to Canada’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.

As a CIPEC Leader, a company will gain access to products and services that will help them manage their energy use more efficiently – a sure way to reduce production costs.

As a CIPEC Leader, a company will enjoy the following benefits:

Financial incentives:

A wealth of information at your fingertips:

  • access to NRCan’s industry officers to help a company find what they are looking for, whether it is information on energy-related incentive programs, support for research and development, technical guidebooks or case studies;
  • access to on-site customized workshops.

Recognition as a corporate leader

  • a plaque that a company can proudly display;
  • inclusion of the company’s name on Natural Resources Canada’s Web site, where all CIPEC Leaders are listed;
  • inclusion in CIPEC‘s annual report, which is distributed to senior government and corporate decision-makers across Canada;
  • a feature story in Heads Up CIPEC, if a company wants to publicize their energy efficiency success stories.

For manufacturing companies located in British Columbia, contact Tanja Stockmann, Senior Industry Officer at or by telephone at (613) 944-4782 for more information.

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