Shop Local and Tourism Wayfinding Tool

BCEDA Offers Mobile Apps to Incentivize Local Commerce and Tourism in BC

New BCEDA Insider App Provides Guide to Provinces Economic Development Offices; Showcases Benefits of 468 Insider Mobile App Platform for BC Municipalities

June 1, 2017 The British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) is now the exclusive provider of the 468 Insider platform across British Columbia. To support shop local initiatives and tourism, the 468 Insider platform from 468 Communications allows municipalities to maintain their own branded mobile apps that reward users for visiting places in the community. As a demonstration of how municipalities can utilize the platform, BCEDA has launched its own app, BCEDA Insider, which guides users to economic development offices around BC.

For local economies to thrive, communities must thrive, said Dale Wheeldon, President and CEO of BCEDA. The 468 Insider platform is a powerful tool for engaging residents and visitors within a community in a way that drives people into local businesses.  More and more communities are looking for ways to encourage residents to shop local and to direct visitors around the community to different destinations and local businesses thereby allowing them to spend more time and money in the community this app does it all. 

468 Insider apps are named and branded by communities that deploy them. Municipalities can easily set up, manage and dynamically update information within their apps through a user-friendly online control panel. Assigning points to each location in an app creates incentives for users to visit those places. App administrators can then identify Rewards locations where users can redeem their points for value when they make purchases. Analytics tools in the administrators control panel provide information such as where visitors are from and what places they visit.

In an increasingly digital and mobile world, communities need to place a premium on presence, said Tim Fry, President of 468 Communications. 468 Insider apps create incentives around presence, which will ultimately reward visitors and residents for investing in the local economy.

One example of how the platform is used is the BCEDA Insider app, which is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The BCEDA Insider app will help serve as a guide to the BC Economic Summit, Making Waves, being held in Victoria, BC June 11-13th, 2017.   To view a video that explains the app click here.

The 468 Insider platform is available now for any BC community to use for deploying their own app.

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The British Columbia Economic Development Association of (BCEDA) is the leading professional association of economic development practitioners in the Province of BC. The BCEDA currently has over 360 members from communities throughout the Province. The BCEDA provides services that helps member communities grow and expand new and existing businesses, attract new business investments, and work towards strategic infrastructure investment, land use planning, and community enhancement.  BCEDA has been a leader in Canada in providing tools and resources for communities, including business retention, disaster recovery, networking opportunities and more. 

About 468 Communications

468 Communications helps organizations be more present with their communities through creative storytelling and practical use of technology. Sandcastle Web Design & Development is the technology partner working with 468 Communications to bring the 468 Insider apps to life. For more information on 468 Insider, visit http://468insider.com.

For more information contact:

Dale Wheeldon

President and CEO

British Columbia Economic Development Assn


Cell: 604-819-3809

BCEDA Economic Development Wayfinder Program

Bounce ideas, find support for a career move, talk through the options for a sticky project a mentor that can help you find your way can be a real career saver.

BCEDAs goal, through the Economic Development Wayfinder Program (EDWP), is to connect experienced economic developers with new or young economic developers around the province. In addition, experienced economic developers can use the program to help identify new methods, overcome specific challenges or just bounce of ideas for new initiatives.  During the EDWP process, the mentee will have an opportunity to walk through issues that he or she is dealing with at the moment. These situations could range anywhere from issues dealing with their board or council, to developing new prospects; strategic planning, business retention, entrepreneurship programs, resident attraction, workforce development, and more.

Much of economic development is learned on-the-job. There are few academic programs and professional development opportunities that are at the specific time an issue arises. Many economic development offices are small, sometimes a one-person shop, so learning from co-workers may not be an option.  An EDWP mentor can provide support while you learn on-the-job and guidance to get through challenging situations.

Program Goals

To help educate and train the next generation of economic developers in British Columbia by fostering communication and positive working relationships with experienced economic developers.  In addition, BCEDA recognizes that even experienced economic developers face challenges and this program is designed to serve their needs as well. 

The Mentor Process

The mentor-mentee relationship can take many forms. Coach someone through a challenging project, advise on a career move, or be a sounding board for new ideas. The mentor and mentee decide the scope of the relationship, such as to achieve a specific goal or complete a specific project. Mentoring can be done through online coaching, virtual meeting technology, teleconference, and in person. Matchmaking is done based on questionnaires filled out by mentors and mentees.

Structuring the Mentorship (for the mentor and the mentee)

  1. Determine the goal of the mentorship. Is it for a specific project, to work through a challenging (i.e. maybe with your board), or to position you for career advancement?
  2. Establish a set of steps that you both agree will lead to achieving the mentorship goal.
  3. Determine how you will communicate and how often.
  4. Schedule the next engagement.

Click on the following links to find our more details and to apply to be a mentor or to have a mentor assigned to you.  

The Mentor:  What, and who can be a Mentor/Goals of the Mentor/Mentor Qualifications/Application to become a Mentor

Mentees:  What and who qualifies to be a Mentee/Application to get a Mentor assigned to you