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Artificial Intelligence…Automation…Blockchain…Drones…Robotics…The Internet of Things. These technologies are—individually and collectively—reshaping our world and fundamentally altering the global economy and private-sector firms operating within it.

It is impossible for economic developers to understand the private-sector—to meet their evolving needs and expectations—without first understanding the opportunities and threats facing these businesses. Today, the vast majority of these opportunities and threats are rooted in technology and rapid technological change. In order to remain relevant to the private-sector, economic developers must understand how technology is disrupting and reshaping our world.

This four-part “lunch and learn” webinar series will examine major global technology trends are impacting our world, economies and private-sector. These technologies will be examined in detail—where they are today…and where they are going. These technology trends will be dissected against the backdrop of real-world economic development realities and scenarios.This four-part webinar series should prompt thought and discussion about how technology fundamentally challenges, and changes widely accepted economic development practices, goals, objectives and metrics.

The webinar series will be conducted by Laith Wardi, CEcD. Laith is a longstanding instructor for both the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute (OU EDI). He is a frequent speaker and presenter for economic development audiences across Canada and the United States and has also done presentation and training work in both Europe and Mexico.

Session I.
This first session will explore the rapid pace of technological change and how this change is impacting and fundamentally altering every industry sector across the globe. The
velocity of change that is reshaping our private-sector has significant ramifications for the economic development profession. This session will also examine Artificial Intelligence (AI)…where it is today and where it’s going in the future.

Session II.
This second session will examine drone, GIS technologies and other technologies through the lens of the agriculture industry. We’ll discuss how these new technologies are causing a new agriculture revolution and, equally important, disrupting the status quo in corporate and family farming.

Session III.
This third session will explore the burgeoning e-commerce phenomenon and how it is impacting traditional commerce. This session will also explore how private-sector firms and communities everywhere are reinventing and repositioning themselves in response to e-commerce opportunities and threats.

Session IV.
This final session will examine block chain and what it means for personal and business transactions and security. This session will demystify the main elements and mechanics of blockchain and why it’s increasingly essential in today’s digital world. This webinar will also provide a wrap up of all prior sessions.

One Webinar - $75.00
Package of all Four - $250.00

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