History and Today

The BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA) is a well-respected non-profit organization comprised of dedicated professionals who actively contribute to the economic advancement of British Columbia (BC) and its municipalities and Indigenous communities. Established in 1979 and subsequently incorporated in 1981 under the BC Society Act, the Association operates with the primary objective of fostering sustainable economic growth.

BCEDA boasts a diverse and inclusive membership base that encompasses a wide range of economic development practitioners across various sectors, both public and private. These members bring their specialized expertise, contributing to the ever-expanding pool of resources available within BCEDA.

Governed by a Board of Directors, BCEDA undertakes numerous essential responsibilities, including professional development initiatives, organizing an annual conference (BC Economic Summit), and managing special projects. The Board also assumes the responsibility of overseeing the associations contracted personnel, financial planning, and providing guidance to ensure the organization meets the needs of its members while maintaining long-term sustainability.

Recognizing the importance of fostering strong relationships with provincial stakeholders and staying informed about policy and project initiatives that impact economic development, the Board of Directors maintains valuable connections with various provincial ministries and agencies. This strategic collaboration facilitates a continuous exchange of information, leading to a wide array of cooperative events and projects that greatly benefits our membership.

Presently, BCEDA's membership has grown significantly to encompass over 500 professionals. BCEDA has emerged as one of the fastest-growing provincial/state economic development associations and currently stands as the second largest in Canada. This growth is a testament to BCEDA's relevance, influence, and commitment to supporting the economic prosperity of BC communities across the province.