Heatwave & Drought

Many communities in British Columbia are facing heatwaves and drought. Understand the potential impacts on your business and/or community.

Saving Water in the Workplace

Resources for Heatwave & Drought Impacted Communities and Businesses 2023
A live document of resources that is constantly being updated as new information and resources are released. Check back in on this document regularly for up-to-date information.

Province of BC Drought information, resources and response for B.C. - B.C. is taking action to reduce the impacts of severe drought conditions. Everyone is being urged to do their part to conserve water. Every drop counts.

Province of BC Drought Information Portal - The Drought Information Portal is a single source to access drought levels across geographic regions in British Columbia. The maps provide information on current and historical provincial drought levels, watershed conditions, and other information related to drought monitoring.

Destination BC's Water Conservation Tourism Industry Toolkit - This document includes official resources, and suggested actions & messaging for BC tourism industry partners to help champion responsible water usage.

BC Cattlemen's Association Drought Resources