The BC Economic Development Association is pleased to present the BCEDA Professional Development Series. These manuals provide information for economic development practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills base. They focus on specific economic development elements practitioners will need to build stronger, healthier economies.

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Economic Recovery & Resiliency Manual
In disaster-impacted communities, economic development organizations often lead economic recovery efforts by helping local businesses respond to impacts on their employees, their facilities, and their customer and supply networks. All too often, economic recovery becomes a piecemeal reaction, rather than a planned response, when disaster strikes. The key is to take steps ahead of time to ensure your organization can stay in touch with local businesses after any type of major incident and to set up a plan of action for disaster response and recovery. This manual provides information designed to get your communities started in the pre-planning process for economic recovery. Communities that have a plan in place prior to a disaster can start on the road to recovery immediately and have a better chance of economic recovery.

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Business Walks Manual
This manual focuses on designing and implementing business walks as part of your overall Business Retention and Expansion Program, which addresses the needs of existing local businesses. A Business Walks is only one component of a comprehensive BRE program and should not be the only business engagement undertaken.

The primary objectives of business walks are:
• Taking a day to get the pulse of the local business climate by identifying successes and obstacles that local businesses may be facing;
• Engaging with Local Leaders and external agencies in the process of reaching out to the business community;
• Respond to those needs using a wide variety of services, such as technical assistance, workforce development, financing, and building new markets;
• Address local issues that detract from a healthy business climate in which local businesses can prosper and grow;
• Demonstrating to those that have already invested in your community that they are valued and appreciated.

A good business retention and expansion program will retain jobs and tax revenues within your community, foster the growth and development of local firms, and enhance your community‘s reputation as a good place to do Business. This manual will guide you in creating a successful business walks initiative as part of broader business retention and expansion initiatives. 

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Economic Development Ethics Manual

Ethical behavior is conduct that is beyond reproach and is in accordance to the common standards of a society, institution or organization. As organizations and institutions evolve, underscoring the need for regular education about acceptable conduct in the profession and the organization is needed to ensure long-term growth and development. This session will elaborate on ethics and help participants work through case studies to better understand ethics and economic development.  

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Join BCEDA and guest experts over the next few months to sharpen your skills on these important economic development subjects. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

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