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BC BusinessCounts is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution powered by ExecutivePulse, designed specifically for economic development organizations. The intuitive design allows users to easily manage data, communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and track progress. With unlimited training, consultation, and 24/7 technical support, organizations can make the most of ExecutivePulse.

Unlike conventional "big-box" CRMs, ExecutivePulse offers flexible features that allow for customization to meet specific needs. This, along with its user-friendly interface and solution-focused architecture, helps eliminate data silos and drive efficiency and collaboration. Economic development professionals across the US and Canada use ExecutivePulse for a range of initiatives, including business retention, investment attraction, entrepreneurial development, and workforce development.

ExecutivePulse was created by merging two decades of industry experience with the latest CRM advancements and offers scalable functionality optimized for economic development initiatives. It also has auxiliary modules for specific use cases such as business recruitment, event management, and project management.

BC BusinessCounts was started by the British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) in 2010 and has since been adopted by other provinces in Canada. It provides a consistent method for gathering data to identify and analyze business needs at various levels. Over 40 groups in 85 communities use the BC BusinessCounts program to make their communities more business-friendly.

After extensive research, BCEDA purchased a license for Executive Pulse to support its business retention and expansion programs. The license enables BCEDA to offer the software to other economic development organizations at a discounted price. Key benefits of using the system include user-friendliness, multi-user assignments, action item management, a robust journal entry system, and access to pre-defined surveys. The system also has a mobile app for smartphones and tablets and offers strong reporting and analytics capabilities.

Contact Dale at dwheeldon@bceda.ca for more pricing and additional information. 

Training Videos

July 2021 - BC BusinessCounts Platform Demo with ExecutivePulse

0:00 – Introduction 

12:35 – Dashboards 

20:12 – Add Menu 

23:54 – Adding a Company 

29:15 – Linking Information to a Company 

40:23 – Creating a Custom Report 

49:36 – Using Power Search 

58:56 – Getting Help 

1:01:55 - Questions 

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Feb 10, 2020 - New BC BusinessCounts/ExecutivePulse Platform
February 21, 2020 - Using Digital Portfolios