Forms of Certification


Certification for Economic Developers is available through both the Economic Development Association of Canada (EDAC) and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

EDAC's Ec.D. Certification

By earning your Ec.D. Designation, you’re expanding knowledge and demonstrating your commitment to professional growth. By having your Ec.D., you are staying ahead of the curve, this designation and certification documents your professional achievement, leverages your knowledge for exercising new career opportunities, you become part of a network of leaders in the economic development field.

IEDC's Certified Economic Developer Program

Looking to gain a competitive edge in the economic development profession? Become a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD). 

You have the experience and skills of a great economic developer, now join the more than 1,100 CEcD’s worldwide, and become recognized for your expertise. The CEcD program is the most prestigious designation in the economic development profession. The portability of the designation is unmatched, the CEcD status is recognized around the world, and it is the only certification program for economic developers in the United States. By offering this highly sought after and comprehensive designation, IEDC strives to promote status and credibility, as well as enhance the knowledge and performance of economic developers. 

Economic development is a highly multidisciplinary profession, so it is important to be trained in several different areas. In order to achieve the certification, all applicants must complete four core training courses and two elective courses each applicant can choose to explore. This ensures that all CEcDs have a strong baseline knowledge on the fundamentals of economic development, while allowing the candidates to pursue higher comprehension on specific topics of their choosing. Candidates are also required to have at least four years of consecutive, paid, full-time economic development related experience. Candidates must be able to demonstrate this experience as this will be tested and revealed during the oral section of the exam. Prior to taking the exam, all applicants must attend a primer to the CEcD exam workshop either in person or online. Once candidates have completed these requirements, they can sit for the exam at any of our conferences, and become a CEcD!