Invest in British Columbia

2024 Invest in BC Magazine

    The official publication of the BCEDA The Invest in BC Magazine helps business owners and managers make informed decisions by profiling each of B.C.'s eight economic regions. Informed articles highlight living conditions and current business trends along with informative graphs depicting economic
    data. Invest in BC magazine provides an opportunity to present your products and services to firms entering British Columbia's market or expanding to other regions who are looking for new suppliers and partners.

    • Distributed to 20,000 BCBusiness readers throughout British Columbia who are educated and influential
    • business leaders, investors, decision makers and driven young professionals.
    • All BCEDA members in B.C.
    • B.C. trade offices and Canadian consulates/embassies.
    • Offices of the Premier of British Columbia.
    • Offices of the Mayor of Vancouver and Mayor of Surrey.
    • Relevant Provincial Government ministries and other trade organizations based in Vancouver.
    • Attendees to trade shows where BCEDA is an exhibitor.
    • Biggest real estate brokers.
    • BC cities, townships and district offices

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