Health Benefits Program

For more information or to register for any of these Benefit Programs, call ICBA at 1-888-298-7752 and identify yourself as a BCEDA member or email: info@icbabenefits.ca

BCEDA Benefit Plans

Fully customizable benefit plans for 3 employees or up
Owner Operator plans, designed for 1 or 2 people
Fully pooled packaged plans
Local superior service and administration
Two levels of coverage gives you the flexibility to provide employees with a plan that matches their role within your company.
Life Insurance$15,000$25,000
Accidental Death$15,000$25,000

Dependent Life Insurance
For spouses$2,000$10,000
Each child$1,000$5,000

Extended Health Care
For employees and dependents$50 deductibleNo deductible
Emergency travel100%100%
Other expenses70%80%
Overall maximumUnlimitedUnlimited

Dental Care
Basic services70% of fee guide80% of fee guide
Max/person per calendar year$1,000$2,000
Long-term DisabilityN/A$1,000/month 
85% at source max

* Must have 3 employees to participate (owner counts as 1 employee)
* Customized packages available for businesses with less than 3 employees

BCEDA Retirement Plans 

For Owners
Individual Pension Plans (IPP)
An IPP tax solution allows for thousands of tax-deferred income dollars (from an incorporated business) to be invested into an IPP structure, allowing the owner non-taxable interest, compounding until retirement. All IPP payments are a tax deduction for the sponsoring company and roll tax- free into the IPP.
Assets move from business to owner on tax-deductible basis, which protects assets from creditors
Owner receives non-taxable interest
All costs associated with IPP are tax deductible to the sponsoring company
For Employees
Retirement Plans
Time saving, state-of-the-art administration tools
No fees to the employer
Immediate tax benefits
Quick and efficient set up process
Competitive investment management fees
Expert monitoring of investments

Liability Insurance 

Broad policy wording
Competitive prices
"Add-on" coverage and deductible options